FIRE DEPARTMENT IN MICHIGAN CHIMNEYAs winter descends upon we Western New Yorkers, those who have them, turn for warmth and comfort to fireplaces and wood stoves.  They add beauty and ambience to the home, but can present some real hazards.  Make sure you use safe practices, including having your chimney inspected and cleaned regularly.  Don’t burn unsafe products, and pay attention for unusual sounds, smells, or hot spots on the walls.

When a fire develops inside a chimney, it is the residual material left behind from many fires past which ignites.  These events can be pretty spectacular, and present a real threat to your home.  If you suspect you have a chimney fire, activate your family’s safety plan, and dial 911 to report the fire.  If necessary, leave the home and dial from a neighbor’s house, or a cell phone…. your safety is Priority One.

Here are some information resources:

Chimney Safety Institute of America

US Fire Administration Guidance on Fireplace and Home Safety

October 2013 Report on Home Fires and Heating Equipment by the National Fire Protection Association