Newton Abbott RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) was called early this morning to a working structure fire in the town of Orchard Park.

First arriving units reported a fully-involved, one-and-a-half story brick residence, threatening the neighboring home. The light breeze was blowing fire towards the adjacent house, and low pressure in the water system hampered the effort to create a protective water vapor barrier. Newton Abbott officers assigned a crew to shift focus to the second building, should it become necessary. Fortunately, additional resources resolved the water supply issues to the crews protecting the exposure, and the second residence was spared.

Newton Abbott firefighters shut off the gas supply to the residence, as the escaping gas was ignited and blowing back into the building, and performed overhaul operations, assisting the Orchard Park town companies pulling apart the exterior walls of the residence.

A Rapid Intervention Team consists of experienced, specifically-trained firefighters who identify and mitigate hazards to crews working at a fire, and rescue down, trapped, or disoriented firefighters.