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Scranton Fire Company invited members from Newton Abbott and the Lake View Fire District to participate in some training at the Erie County Fire Training facility at Chestnut Ridge this morning. Training together mirrors real life, as we usually end up working together at fires and other serious incidents.

We firefighters need to maintain basic skill sets in order to do our jobs safely and effectively, and repetitive training in the fundamentals of the job is a big part of our success. Most companies also require several trips to the “smokehouse” each year for firefighters to maintain their credentials to work inside an involved structure.

2014-05-21 11.14.39-1As is typical, teams were assigned the task of initial hose line advancement (and fire search/extinguishment), backup line advancement, and primary search/ventilation operations. On each evolution, the crews rotated from one task to another, ensuring all members were able to practice each of the skill sets.


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