Firefighter Shaun Minich, 19, has successfully completed his probationary year with the Newton Abbott Fire Company. He completed the required New York State Firefighter I course, meeting performance objectives in a variety of skills, and demonstrating a satisfactory knowledge base.

Firefighter Shaun Minich checks air bag placement during a vehicle stabilization exercise.
Firefighter Shaun Minich checks strut placement during a vehicle stabilization exercise.

New members of the fire company are on probation for one year, whether they have prior service with another department, or are new to the fire service, as in Shaun’s case. For the brand-new firefighter, the “probie” year is not just about membership with a new organization, but is a matter of discovering, and proving, oneself through a series of first-time experiences.

Shaun hit the ground running, training hard and accepting any responsibility handed to him. He also had plenty of opportunity to get to work under actual fire conditions, something not always enjoyed by probationary firefighters. As a result of his performance, he was recognized as Rookie Of The Year at the 2014 Awards Banquet held in April.

Shaun’s service is a family affair, as his older brother, Charles Minich, is a Captain at Newton Abbott.

Congratulations Firefighter Minich!