We encourage men and women of any age, occupation, and background to explore membership opportunities with Newton Abbott.  Meet a handful of our current active firefighters:


Paul Uzar

  • Member since 1991
  • Occupation:  Retired
  • Past Chief
  • Fire Police Captain
  • Senior Apparatus Operator

What’s the best part of being a volunteer firefighter?  “The Camaraderie.”  Why do you get involved with the fire service?  “To give back to the community.”


_DSC0479Chuck Minich

  • Fire Explorer from 2000-2004; Active Member since 2004
  • Occupation:  Construction Foreman
  • Second-year Captain
  • Quartermaster/Equipment Manager

What’s the best part of being a volunteer firefighter?  “The Camaraderie and friendships.”  What motivates you?  “Excellence in performance; making sure the job gets done right.”


_DSC0475Chad Locher

  • Member since 2005; Member of East Seneca from 1990-2005.
  • Occupation:  Commercial Aircraft Mechanic
  • 2nd Assistant Chief

What’s the best part of being a volunteer firefighter?  “The satisfaction received from helping someone in a time of need.”


_DSC0476Shaun Minich

  • Member since 2013
  • Occupation:  College Student
  • Rookie/Probationary Firefighter

What made you join the fire service?  “I’ve seen my brother do it, and how exciting it is.”  What’s the best part of the experience?  “The feeling of brotherhood.”

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