Multiple agencies, led by the New York State Department of Transportation, are implementing a plan to keep the Route 179 corridor open during expected “Lake Effect” snow later this week. Recent winter storms, particularly one in January of 2017, severely restricted travel in this area. The result was cascading, adverse impact on travel, including the snow removal assets which could otherwise have cleared the road.

As the weather forecast for this week places our area squarely in the center of the target (something we’re getting used to), NYSDOT and the Erie County Highway Department has assigned a task force consisting of two plows, a loader, and potentially other pieces of equipment to maintain 179 between Route 20 and Route 5. This task force will be staging at Newton Abbott and working until the end of the event to ensure safe, effective travel conditions.

See the report by WGRZ.

Keep aware of changing weather conditions by paying attention to local news reports, and drive safely! We’ll be here to answer the calls for emergency service from the community.