About Newton Abbot

The Newton Abbott Fire Company, Inc, is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization which provides fire protection, heavy rescue, and emergency medical services to one of nine fire protection districts in the Town of Hamburg, New York.

The district, located in the northeastern corner of the town, is largely commercial/industrial with several residential communities. It is bordered to the east by the Town of Orchard Park, by the City of Lackawanna to the north, the Village of Blasdell to the west, and the Armor, Big Tree and Scranton fire protection districts to the south. Newton Abbott also services the New York State Thruway between the Lackawanna toll barrier and the Big Tree Road overpass, and the South Campus of Erie Community College.

Running between six and eight hundred calls per year, Newton Abbott enjoys a reputation for excellence in the performance of duty. Training as often as six times each month, our firefighters continually work to develop their knowledge and skills in various aspects of the job.

Among other notable facts, the company was the first in the region to develop a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT), trained and equipped to rescue other firefighters entrapped in burning structures. Newton Abbott also led the effort to introduce commercial paramedic ambulance service to the area, recognizing the need for an advanced-level supplement to the volunteer EMS community.

Today, Newton Abbott continues to strive to be the premiere organization it is known to be, building upon past success, adapting new methodologies and technologies, and cultivating excellence in the business of fire protection.