Over 75 Years of Service

The Newton-Abbott Volunteer Fire Company, Inc, was chartered in 1934 when it became apparent that the growing community along the Hamburg/Orchard Park town border had a need for expanded fire protection. Some members of the Windom Fire Company of Orchard Park formed a new organization, charged with service to the northeast corner of the Town of Hamburg, and named it for the two town supervisors of the day. The first president was John Sullivan, and first fire chief was Milford Struck. The fledlging fire company's station was established in the valley of Smoke's Creek along old Abbott Road, which has since been reconstructed.

In later years, a second fire station was built on Lake Avenue in order to address the logistical concern of the fire district being divided in half by an active railroad. This station served as the house for the second engine, the snorkel, the ambulance, and for a short time, as quarters for Rural/Metro Medical Services crews posted in the area, until it was closed in 2007. The original fire station on Abbott Road was replaced by a more suitable building, including a banquet hall to the rear. In 1985, a new truck bay, built to accommodate larger, more modern fire apparatus, was raised adjacent to the fire station, and the old garage space was converted into meeting, office, training, and recreational space for the members. This arrangement remained in place until the current station was constructed in 2006. The prior station, and the lower level meeting hall, were razed, and the cinderblock truck bays have been converted into a training building. This asset complements the ample outdoor space now available for the practice of vehicle extrication and vehicle fire suppression.