Keeping Our Community Safe Since 1934

We provide 24/7 emergency assistance

When the unthinkable happens, Newton Abbott Fire Company, Inc is on the move. Our first responders are trained to tackle fire emergencies head-on. Whether our team needs to respond to a fire alarm or put out an active fire, we'll arrive on time and ready to assist.

If you're facing a fire emergency, call 911 for immediate assistance. They'll contact our team, and we'll dispatch help.

4 ways to prevent indoor and outdoor fires

Prevention is key to fire safety. Minimize your risk of an indoor or outdoor fire with these helpful tips:

  • Always check to make sure your stove, oven or hair tools are turned off
  • Keep your fire alarms and smoke detectors up to date
  • Extinguish outdoor fires before leaving the site
  • Replace frayed electrical wires as soon as possible

We recommend printing out the tips on our Home Fire Safety page and keeping them handy in the event of an emergency.

For safety resources, visit our Home Fire Safety page today.

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