Community Partnership

As a resident of Hamburg and surrounding communities, did you know that your fire, rescue, and emergency medical system is a partnership between volunteer and paid career providers, with typically 100% volunteer fire and rescue personnel? Whether it's a structural fire, persons trapped in destroyed vehicles, medical emergencies or other hazardous situations, your local volunteers are ready to respond with the training and equipment to systematically manage the crisis. We live serving the community we live in.

FAST/RIT at a commercial fire, 2007

The majority of emergency services organizations, and personnel, in the United States are in the volunteer sector. The men and women of this community-service-driven culture undertake significant personal challenges in order to provide a professional standard of service in a variety of disciplines. The skills we develop, when called upon, can make the difference between major property loss, or loss of life, and an incident which is quickly brought under control.

Why do we volunteer? Because we love doing it. The Fire Service is family, united by purpose, and a shared sense of satisfaction from the experience of going to work when it counts the most.

Statewide Mutual Aid activation, 2006

The members of your local fire company come from all walks of life. Men and women, younger and a little older, we take pride in what we do and in the organization we do it with. If you've ever wondered where those people in the fire apparatus come from , or whether you could ever become one of them, read on.

Follow our newsfeed for interesting stories, incident reports, and public service announcements. Remember to use 911 for emergencies, but don't hesitate to drop by the fire station to inquire about membership or to just ask questions related to home fire safety, alarms, or other fire-service related issues.

We hope you'll take some time to get to know us, learn about what we do, and explore how we can serve our community together. We process applications for membership on an ongoing basis, and look forward to hearing from you.

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