The Application Process

We’re glad you are exploring membership with us.  You may be an experienced firefighter, new to the area.  Or, you may want to find an exciting, new way to serve your community while enjoying the personal sense of reward that comes from being counted among “The Bravest.”

Either way, Newton Abbott Fire Company, Inc has a place for you.  A dedicated organization that seeks to train and perform with a high degree of professional excellence, we provide emergency services to the Town of Hamburg and adjacent communities to include fire protection, hazardous material incident mitigation, heavy rescue, and emergency medical services.  Additionally, our firefighters enjoy the privileges that come with membership, most notably a sense of fraternity that is the foundation of any successful organization.

The steps in the application process are as follows:

  1. Complete all forms in the application packet available at the fire station, or by download here.
  2. Request a criminal record check from the police department in every municipality in which you resided in the past calendar year.
  3. Complete the arson background check form, which is the very last page of the application packet.  This form will be submitted by Newton Abbott to the Erie County Sheriff’s Office.
  4. Your application will be presented to current members for review at the next regular business meeting, held the first Monday each month.
  5. You will be contacted to schedule an interview, to be conducted by a committee of active fire company members.  Bring your valid driver’s license and one additional government-issued proof of identification, e.g., Passport, CAC Card, or Birth Certificate.
  6. The Investigative Committee which interviews you will furnish a recommendation to the general membership at the next regular business meeting.  This recommendation will be voted upon by the general membership present at the meeting.
  7. If accepted, you will be directed to schedule a firefighter’s physical examination with a local occupational health company.  A passing physical is required to obtain membership, and includes an EKG, lung capacity tests, SCBA fit test, and other fitness metrics.  It is not competitive in nature.  Newton Abbott pays for the physical, which is an annual requirement of all active firefighters.
  8. If you are found to be physically fit for duty, Newton Abbott will notify the Hamburg Town Clerk that you have been accepted as a member.  Upon receipt of this information, the Town Board will vote to add you to the rolls at the next Town Board Meeting.  This official recognition is necessary for you to be insured by the Town of Hamburg, and authorized to act on behalf of the Town as a firefighter.
  9. The Town Clerk will notify you and Newton Abbott by letter that your membership was approved.  Upon receipt of this letter, you are immediately eligible to be sworn in by a Newton Abbott official, and issued your personal protective equipment.

Applicants who are accepted into the company become probationary members for one year from the date they are sworn in.  During this probationary period, it is the responsibility of the member to demonstrate enthusiasm, competence, and a willingness to participate in the training, mission, and activities of the Fire Company.  A probationary member, if found to be deficient in performance or discipline, may be brought before the Company for possible dismissal.

A significant investment of time and energy will be required in the first year to attain basic firefighter training, National Incident Management System (NIMS) credentials, and instruction in the processes and procedures of the Company.  More information can be found here.

Thank you for your interest in the Newton Abbott Fire Company.  You are on the way to becoming part of a respected and proud profession: that of the volunteer fire service, and doing so by becoming part of a respected and proud fire company.