Expanding Opportunities

Many good things can come from taking that first step into the volunteer fire service.  Initial training and involvement can open one’s eyes to a host of new opportunities and interests, lead to new personal and professional relationships, and is often a stepping stone into an unexpected career path.

Volunteer firefighters have found their fire service careers leading into new professions:

  • Paid fire service careers with city departments around WNY and the United States
  • State Fire Protection Specialist
  • Local, state, and federal Law Enforcement
  • Paid EMS careers, including local EMS management, and flight paramedicine
  • Public Safety Communications
  • Allied Health Professions (nursing, emergency medicine)
  • Emergency Management
  • Affiliate volunteer organizations, such as the Hamburg Water Rescue Unit.
  • Related industries
  • Code Enforcement, and other Civil Service positions

Becoming a volunteer firefighter with Newton Abbott Fire Company, Inc can also lead toward educational opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach; our Exempt Benevolent Association and Erie County offer tuition assistance for firefighters in certain programs at Erie Community College.  These programs can lead toward paid careers in emergency services.

Many members of Newton Abbott, over the years, will attest that their membership in the fire company played a critical, beneficial role in their career paths, as well as their personal lives.

Are you ready to make the move to membership in the fire service with Newton Abbott?  Are you prepared to add the new, exciting narrative to your life this can offer?  Apply to join us.